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                                ~Happy Birthday Yesung~

Happy 31st Birthday Yesung!!! It’s crazy to think your 31. as you look so much younger and you always act like a child ^^. It’s your first birthday while you serve in the army, but I do hope you can celebrate with your members and family another time. I miss you so much since you left in May, but I’m also proud that your serving your country!

Super Junior doesn’t feel the same without you. I was lucky enough to see SS4 in Paris and my eyes were on you the whole time. So when I saw SJ in London in November, it felt weird without you. It was sad not to hear your voice, see your passion as you hit those notes. I miss your stage presence so much.Now that SJ are making their comeback very soon, it was sad not to see you there. I know SJ will still be amazing with this comeback, but they are missing their main vocalist.

I look up to you a lot Yesung, I don’t just like you because you are handsome and an extraordinary singer, but I love your personality. You care about your friends, family and fans more than yourself. You bought your parents a café to make them happy. You dance like no one is watching and you love to make people laugh. Your sensitive and caring and would do anything for your members.

Again, happy birthday Yesung!! I hope you have the most amazing day and I hope when you return, I will get to see you again at your concert ^^.

Love,  and ELF from Ireland

Atlanta (aka lantafanta) xoxo

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this is my very first gif-graphic that I made for my  31posts until aug 24th for yesung’s 31yo bday’s project x, I made it 5th July ~ so it’s been a long time for this post I save on my draft ..

Hahaha , I keep on saying ” Happy Birthday Yesung “

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[NEWS] Suzy rocks the cover of 'CeCi Campus' + additional cuts from her 'MLB' pictorial


miss A's Suzy graced the cover of ‘CeCi CAMPUS' September issue and 'MLB' also unveiled additional cuts from Suzy's pictorial as an extra treat!

In both pictorials, Suzy is seen rocking the classic snapbacks and bomber jackets which has been the trend these days and looked fierce from…

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Jia Webio Update ^^
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